Tereré al pomelo (Terere of Grapefruit)


This is a refreshing and healthy beverage to enjoy in the company of your sweetheart or your friends on a lazy Summer weekend afternoon. Tereré or Tererê is an infusion of yerba mate (botanical name Ilex paraguariensis), similar to mate but prepared with cold juice or water rather than with hot. It’s highly consumed in Paraguay and in the north and center of the Argentine coast and south of Brazil at Summer time.

There are many theories of how the Tereré started being consumed in Latin America. Even among Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, there is some dispute over which country started the tradition.

What we know for sure is that Tereré is a drink from the Guarani culture, so you can assume it was already consumed by the Indians before the discovery of America. Probably the most important aspect of Tereré is its social role in Latin American culture. It’s a non-alcoholic beverage to be shared in a social gathering. It’s not a drink you prepare solely for yourself but to be shared with your friends, and the same container and straw are used by everyone drinking it. There is a particular etiquette of how to share mate in a group that you can learn more about  here.

I had my first sip of Terere al Pomelo while living in Patagonia, Argentina. It was shared with me by a fellow expat friend at an “asado” (Argentine barbecue), who later on taught me how to make it. The bitterness taste from the yerba mate is perfect to pair with sweet pastries and cookies. But if you want to make your taste experience more traditional, try the Terere de pomelo with  Alfajores de maizena, it’s a true Argentine experience!


Notes: Bombilla is a stainless metal straw used to drink mate. The yerba mate can be purchased as loose leaf or in tea bags in health grocery shops.

Instructions to carve the Grapefruit:



Instructions to fill the Grapefruit container:




Tereré al Pomelo

  • Servings: 4
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Credit: atasteofhome.co


  • 1L grapefruit juice
  • ice
  • 1 large grapefruit
  • 6 bags Yerba Mate tea (The yerba mate can be purchased as loose leaf or in tea bags in health grocery shops)
  • 1 bombilla (stainless metal straw used to drink mate)


  1. Select a health and large grapefruit with a flat bottom. Measure a circle about a 1.5-inch (around 4cm) radius from the upper center. Angle the point of the knife in towards the center of the circle. Cut around the circle keeping the knife at an angle to create a ledge that will support the bombilla (straw)
  2. Discard the lid and check for any necessary adjustment.
  3. Cut the inner center with the knife in 90 degrees angle.
  4. Scoop out the flesh from the inner center using the spoon. Slip around the edges with the spoon to scoop the remaining pieces. leave some flesh for tasty.
  5. Put the yerba mate in the grapefruit container.
  6. Give it a gentle swirl to mix the various components of the herbs.
  7. Pour the grapefruit juice with ice.
  8. Insert the bombilla (straw) to the bottom, resting it on the board. Enjoy it!

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