Coffee in the Land of Oz's home post collage

I was invited by A Taste Of to write about my expat experience. Right, so let’s get started. Wait! Ready. My black coffee was missing. Brazilian roasted beans to perfection. Wondering what to write, wondering where’s Home. And, a sip.. ahh..

I have been an expat all my life. Yes, literally, poor lost soul, one might think. There are the ups and downs, but foremost, it’s a lifestyle I have learned to navigate. And not my intention, whatsoever, to marry into one, but I happily did. So that’s life telling me: “Girl, put a grin on your face, pack what you’ve just unpacked, there is no different way!”

Thumbs up. This is my way. Learning to embrace my uniqueness comes with much maturity. So where is Home? Why still that constant need to look for Home in a town, in a country, in a house? It’s like we all have that “Dorothy Complex” in us. Yes, it’s what I call it. Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, some Expats live in constant fear when they find themselves in a land beyond comprehension. See, my Dorothy, takes of her sparkly red heels and lives in Oz for the time it’s given to her. Embracing chance and falling in love with new and inspiring friends.

So where is Home to me? Sip. Oh, yes! My coffee is Home. There is no better hug-warming reward than to sit down and enjoy a cup of thick and nourishing coffee. But there’s a tradition to making it. And that’s what sparkles the homey feel.

Home is the scent the coffee gives out when you pour the hot water onto the grounded beans, it’s making it like Bisa makes it, my Brazilian granny. Home is the feeling of being rooted to a tradition, rooted to a meaning, to a passion, to a sip.

Allow me to share a little of my Home with you. Here is Bisa’s sophisticated way to prepare the most traditional Brazilian Homey Coffee.

By Andrea Sealy

1908142_882983295101239_264858857225139509_nAndrea was born in the United States into a multi-cultural, expat family, with hints of British, Argentine and Brazilian ancestries. She was raised in Venezuela, and at 17 relocated with her family to Brazil. Seemingly enough, very planned and rooted, married her high school sweetheart, and what was to be a long stay, engineered itself into a journeyed life overseas.
She is currently living in Rio de Janeiro with her husband and their two young children. She is a full time mom and writer, and passionate for her expat lifestyle, family and friends.
“Never let the fear of a moment, keep you away from the memory of a lifetime.” -Anonymous
“I stumbled upon this quote while unemployed and backpacking in Europe. Spending all my savings on life experiences. It stuck to me ever since. ” -Andrea Sealy

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