The Expat Team

Lina Seixas

Lina is a mom of a special soul: A witty, cheekie little boy. She is a Brazilian expat wife of a beloved engineer-husband with an international career in the oil field. She is a foodie and gourmet traveler, always in search for new international recipes and unique cafe/restaurants. A photography enthusiast who believes that extraordinary beauty is present on the ordinary daily scenes. She is also a Psychologist with a Masters Degree in Health Science who left her academic career behind to go chasing waterfalls! 

“Real life is what happens while you are busy making ideal plans. The best moves and changes in my life happened without my obsessive control or assistance. ‘Let it go’ and ‘let it come’ are both the most hard and self rewarding lessons we can take in this life.” ˜ Lina

Yari Anthony

Yari is from the sunny, twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Walking along the beach; feeling wet sand under her feet; and gazing at a clear, blue Caribbean sky, was one of the things she enjoyed the most growing up in Trinidad. That and of course, Trinidadian cuisine! There’s nothing like Trini food!

She uses Yari as her pen name, but friends and family know her by her given name, Wendy. Although she first came to the States to pursue her love and passion for journalism, Yari enjoys using words to express herself beyond the discipline of just news. She is passionate about using the power of the written word to share her experiences with and to motivate and inspire others, but also to tell the stories that are unique to each person.

“Everyone has a story, and that’s fascinating to me – that behind every personality, at the back of the obvious, lies a tale and a string of events that have culminated in who they are. I love that! Those are the stories I want to tell!” ~ Yari